Joris Vlaminckx

Qui suis-je ?

joris vlaminckx psychologue bruxellesI offer you a safe environment where we make space for your own unique story. Without any judgement I will listen to you to set a treatment goal together after our first intake session, which we can then work towards together during the following therapy sessions.

Often we cannot think ourselves out of our problems and we end up feeling more stuck in them, sometimes we need guidance and distance from these thoughts.

Sometimes it is no longer clear why we keep making certain choices or keep doing the things we do. Our social interaction patterns, coping styles and personal reactions are so unique to each of us and we carry some of them with us from early on.

Becoming aware of them and working through our feelings lying underneath can have a healing and relieving effect over time. New insights in ourselves can ultimately help us move forward. We can work again towards these things that give value to our lives and start achieving more of a sense of inner peace and greater overall wellbeing.

My original specialisation is in the Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic therapy approach, though in practice I work from an integrative vision that I tailor to what you really need.

This includes Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) as well as techniques from Cognitive therapy in order to relieve your pain and symptoms in the shorter term. This can still be combined with the longer-term psychoanalytic form of therapy.

I am aware that taking the first step towards therapy can be a brave one for many. Please feel welcome to write me our contact me by phone on workdays. Due to the nature of my job I am not always able to respond, so please do not hesitate to leave a message on my voicemail.